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Let’s say there is a threat out there—a big meteorite, an alien ship, Doomsday, the Sun doubling its activity, nuclear war, rapid warming increase, whatever you might think of—and only burying ourselves underground would save us. How long would it take to do something like that?

Well, let’s use our concept.

Let’s assume that there are 10,000,000,000 (or 10^10) people to save. Let’s organize them in big groups of 10,000 (or 10^4) people and put each group in one underground city. We have to construct 1,000,000 (or 10^6) cities around the world, starting the construction at the same time.

Well, people have to live. Some sources say that the surface necessary to feed a person is about 1000 m^2. But others say that food production can be multiplied by a factor of five, in stable conditions, using modern techniques. This give us 200 m^2 of stable underground structures for a person and 2,000,000 m^2 or 2x10^6 m^2 for one town.

That’s a lot. Let’s assume that each city has 1000 pieces of equipment, for which each can create 100 m^2 of useful (and some auxiliary) underground space a year except the first year, using a standard progress of 1.5 cm per day. And let’s assume that every city can have an additional 1000 pieces of equipment a year. The results are shown in the table:

Year Available eq. production/year sum. production
Piece m^2 m^2
1 0 0 0
2 1000 100000 100000
3 2000 200000 300000
4 3000 300000 600000
5 4000 400000 1000000
6 5000 500000 1500000
7 6000 600000 2100000

According to this table, seven years should be sufficient to ensure enough food for each underground city. Well, to have something in reserve, let’s assume that according to the present concept, 10 years can be enough to bring all people in the world below the ground and feed them.

Then, we assume that each person would require 25 m^2 (a room in a tower) of its own place in the molehill. Assume that each tower has five floors and that we have to construct 2000 towers per city, bury them, and create a molehill. This is not too much and can be done within 10 years.

Therefore, a looming disaster—as long as it can be predicted, say, 10 years in advance—can be avoided by hiding underground.

Worth considering, I think. Comments are welcomed.


Save the World: Part One

The world is collapsing, and the bunch of billionaires took all the available spaceships, food, whiskey, cigars, and golf clubs, and moved to colonies on Mars, leaving you with the rest to die on earth. But they don’t know that you possess a special knowledge which can save many.

So, use your knowledge, bring all underground, and save as many as you can.

Save the World: Part Two

Many have died, but you are successful, as most of the people are safe underground. But this is not a decent life. The world is destroyed but can be renewed, which is up to you. Use your resources and people to make the world a garden again. You will have trouble with Earth oppositions and rich kids from Mars sabotaging your work.

Save the World: Part Three

The whiskey is gone, the cigars are gone, and playing golf on Mars is not exactly the same as on Earth. Expect the assault from Mars and defend your beautiful home from those maniacs.

Save the World: Part Four

It was a huge battle, but you destroyed your enemies. However, there is a worry: you lost contact with the expedition on Mars, which should clean up the rest of the dirt. There is no other way—you have to go there and find out what happened.

Save the World: Part Five

You survived all traps and battles on Mars. It’s time to spread across the universe. It went fine, but there are hostile aliens. Will the underground save you once again?

Save the World: Part….



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