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Deep underground-newsletter 1.12.2019

I’m preparing a short paper about how to construct an underground settlement on the Moon or on Mars using the deep underground concept. It will be published on next week. What about you? Which topics can you contribute or talk about?

Here are some sugestions:

Architecture/interior design:

  • Find the most attractive place for underground settlement and describe how to construct underground construction without spoil the surrounding area.
  • Design an interior of your ideal molehill flat.
  • Underground rollercoaster? What is next after a 100 m free fall?
  • Can we use fast elevators underground just as they are used in skyscrapers?
  • There are lights available which can radiate a 99 % of the daylight spectrum. Do we need more than that underground?

Geothermal energy:

  • We are talking a lot of wind and sun as clean and powerful sources of clean energy. But why is exploiting geothermal energy not part of this conversation?


  • Which plant has the most economic potential to be planted underground (and it is legal)?


  • How to combine ideas of using 3d printers for construction settlements on Moon or Mars with the deep underground concept (molehills)?
  • What’s the best place for star tram (deep underground version).


  • Isaac Asimov writes a lot about underground living in his novels. Do his ideas fit with the deep underground concepts?
  • How to overcome phobias to live underground?

But of course you can chose your own topic and read, write, draw or do something else with it. As long is fit with deep underground concept, will be published on our site.

Deep underground-newsletter 6.12.2019

Dear members of the Deep underground community!

I received several questions about this project. Here are the answers.

Why did you start running this project?

I like to solve problems, learn new things, meet new people and discuss technical matters. Also, I would like to do something positive for the world. Throwing trash in the right baskets and turning off lights is alright, but I would like to do more. This is my way to make the world a better place.

Is this a commercial project?

No, it is not. This project is basically an extension of a private hobby project that I’ve been running over the last few years. When I came to the end of what I was able to do by myself, I thought that the project might be interesting for others. So, I created a website and started an Internet campaign to inform people about the project. That’s where we are now.

Who is paying for this project?

Again, unfortunately, it’s me at the moment. As I said, this was a cheap hobby for a long time, which became a relatively expensive one after opening the Internet site and starting the Internet campaign. I hope that those costs will decrease after the community starts to grow. When that happens, I won’t need to spend money on advertising.

Who is running this project?

Unfortunately, it’s only me at the moment. I occasionally get some help from others, but at the moment it’s more or less on me. I’m hoping that, over time, I can find reliable people who are willing to cover some parts of the technical debate, or even cover local communities who works on deep underground projects in their own countries.

Is there a business opportunity within this project?

In my opinion, yes. I’m not against the idea of somebody taking the content of my papers, my site and its contributions to create their own business. However, the content of the papers and the Internet site must stay available to everyone, without restrictions. It would also be nice to get background information about the project, as that will help to make it relevant.

Can I gather a group to work on this project?

Yes, you can. In fact, as I said, I would like to find reliable people to take over different topics or groups. But I would like those who apply to this community to adhere to a couple of project guidelines. Firstly, I would like all participants to receive information about the project from me, in the form of newsletters or e-mails like this one. Secondly, I want to be sure that everybody who’s working on this collaborative project has their contributions recognised (of course, only if they consent to that).

So, you are free to gather a group of friends, family, co-workers or other people and create a group, according to the above guidelines.

Do we have to write in English?

Yes, at least for now. I know that there are at least half of you (and me) that are non-English speaking. Try to do your best in the English language. At the moment, I’m sending all contributions written by non-native English speaking writers to somebody to proofread them, to maintain the good quality of the site. If this becomes too expensive, I’ll try to find somebody in the community who’s willing to help with it.

Deep underground-newsletter 19.12.2019

Hello members of the Deep Underground Community!

I just finished a short piece on how to construct an underground settlement on the Moon or Mars using deep underground concept. It’s available at here

I’ve also decided on the topic for my next piece. It will be about the Kiribati Islands and how deep underground concept could help residents to stay on the islands. The Kiribati Islands are disappearing because of global warming, so deep underground concept could help the islanders to build a better life.

What about you? Have you found your favourite topic?

Jurij – The Deep Underground Project