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As an experienced engineer who has designed underground structures for most of my professional life, I have always had a feeling that the way we are building underground constructions is not the best possible. So, I tried to find better ways, and the results are summarized in my article, available here.

The article describes a new concept of underground construction and where to use it. For readers who are not well informed about technical terminology, some further explanations are available here. For those who would like to express their opinion about this topic, please do so here., and it will be published here.

I strongly believe that the presented concept can be widely used. Some of the possible implications and areas of use are mentioned in the article and on this page, from underground architecture to Earth orbit travel, but I don’t have sufficient knowledge to discuss those topics, most of which are mentioned here. So, the readers are welcome to contribute about every topic that comes to their minds and let me know about it here. Contributions will be reviewed and published on this page if it is relevant to the concept.

My intention is to make this page a center of debate about the proposed concept. I hope this article will at least encourage you to think of ways to make this world a better place (and not necessarily in the way proposed here).